The reason for this !

The idea of coming to this point is to come out with what I have been thinking could be of help to others in two areas to start with- Psychological help(specifically in India) & Science education( again in India). The plan in the head is to create resources for these two fields. The circumstances in my life have made it easier for me to appreciate the value of having a healthy mind in addition to having a healthy body, something which is taken for granted by the so called ‘normal’ people ! From the ongoing struggle of a loved one with one of the clinically diagnosed psychological disorders has come out the desire to share the limited information I have.  This tough fight has taught me some very valuable lessons  in life.

While doing Physics my life has taken various turns and I am placed in a position where in spite of myself being on a sticky wicket, I can be of help as far as higher education in Science in India is concerned.

The motivation for this idea comes  from the incident that happened when I was a teenager. My father and I escaped a fall from the scooter(a two wheeler) when it hit a stone on the way.  He stopped  and insisted that we locate the stone(as the way was not the properly built road and had some grass patches) and put it on the side, so that people crossing after us would not have at least this stone in their  way ! And we found one more and removed both.  I do not know to what an extent I would be able to remove the stones in the fields I have decided to, but at least I am going to try my bit.